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Site History - Recent uploads & changes

August 2015

  • Images Uploaded
    • Star Wars Stormtroopers
    • Star Wars Stormtroopers (blank)
    • Photobomb Giraffes (blank)
    • Star Wars Crashed Star Destroyer
    • Obama 22
    • Cow Horn Girl
    • Beavis and Butthead Sculptures (blank)
    • Vintage Traffic Cop (blank)
    • Hillary Whut (blank)
    • Nightmare 02
    • Airshow Jumper (blank)
    • Reservoir Dogs

July 2015

  • Images Uploaded
    • Wet Nellie
    • Dirty Bucket (blank)
    • Body Builder Girl (Blank)
    • Murray, Bill (Blank)
    • Money Pile (Blank)
    • Darth Vader Helmet (Blank)
    • Star Wars AT-AT (Blank)
    • Cliff Hanger (Blank)
    • FSM (Blank)
    • Alien 3 -02
    • Vitruvian Man
    • Biden 05
    • Clinton, H. 06
    • Obama, Barack (5 images
    • Zeppelin (blank)
    • Scimitar (blank)
    • Falling Man (blank)
    • Monopoly Board (blank)
    • Basketball Hoop (blank)
    • Creepy Guy (blank)
    • Abu Graib Guy (blank)
    • Photobomb Cow (blank)
    • Pistol (blank)
    • Blair Witch (blank)
    • Godzilla(blank)
    • Selfie Girls (blank)
    • Oh Fudge (blank)
    • Sad Batman (blank)
    • Nutso Guy (blank)
    • Anal Lube (blank)
    • C3PO (blank)
    • Leg Lamp (blank)
    • Paul alien (blank)
    • Crow T. Robot (blank)
    • Einstein at blackboard
    • Etch-A-Sketch
    • Shatner" (4 images)
    • Queen Elizabeth (12 images)
    • Miley Cyrus (3 images)
    • Miley Cyrus (2 blanks)
    • Caddyshack Gopher
    • Strip Club Dancer
    • Kim Kardasian Paper (NSFW album)
    • Frightened Woman (blank)
    • Bill Cosby (5 images)
    • Elizabeth Dolezal (2 images)
  • Sub-Albums Created
    • William Shatner
    • Bill Cosby
  • Orphan tags deleted
  • Misspelled tags corrected
  • Clockwork Orange moved from "Submissions" to "C" album
  • Renamed files in Bill and Hillary Clinton sub-albums
  • Duplicate of This is not a Pipe deleted
  • Updated welcome notice & added disclaimers
  • Added background color to text blocks
  • Converted 4 white background JPG blanks to transparent PNG format
  • Changed several album thumbnails
  • Renamed all images in Barack Obama sub-album
  • Replaced Alien 3 -01 image with larger version
  • Converted 9 Green Screen JPG blanks to Transparent PNG format
  • Added Google AdSense block, awaiting Google site approval
  • Non-registered user display restricted to four images per page
  • Blank Bank restricted to registered users only
  • Header image display fixed
  • Time, date, and other problems with PHP files fixed
  • "PWG Stuffs" plugin installed. Permits posting of text blocks in menus
  • "What's Happening" text block added
  • "Welcome" text block added
  • Header image display randomized
  • Redundant "Queen Elizabeth" album deleted